Creating sacred space for retreat

Hello my lovely friends,

I will be spending time each day this week preparing for the Nourish your Heart & Soul Retreat Workshop, so that we can enter into relaxing sacred space and truly nourish ourselves on a heart and soul level.

To prepare, each day I’ll be visioning the afternoon of the workshop to discover the best activities for us to do that day.  When we are there, we will be letting go of everything stressful and hectic and leaving it outside the door.  Then we’ll be grounding, reconnecting with our hearts, bodies and spirits, and then leaning into deep relaxation and inviting our hearts and souls to receive what they need.  I’ll also be giving all participants Reiki and providing some healthy snacks and beverages throughout.  If I know in advance who will be there, I will be visioning for each participant too, to find out what she or he needs most to nourish his or her heart and soul that afternoon.

Each day this week, I’ll also be piecing together the goodie bags of tools for you to create sacred space for your heart and soul at home during the busy holiday season.  As I am currently envisioning it, your take-home bag will include infused bath salts, an all natural aromatherapy candle, a heart & soul crystal, and a recording of one of my guided meditations that you can listen to at home.  I have a feeling I’ll be recording a brand new one just for nourishing heart and soul, and there may be some other surprises in there too.

When I let spirit guide me, it’s always a delight to see what unfolds.  It’s always better than if I just chose what to do and include from an intellectual space.  There are still spots open in the Retreat, but it is limited to six.  Would you like to join me?  Call me at 978-338-4326, email me at or register online here.

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