Retreats, Angelic Circle, Indoor Farmer’s Market and more

Hello lovely friends!

We are thrilled to bring you the latest news of the happenings in and around The Healing Center in the next couple of weeks!

Our next center wide retreat, Retreat From Holiday Stress is happening the weekend of December 8 & 9, 2012. Stay tuned for more details next week!

Other Happenings at The Healing Center include…


Monday night Reiki Share at 6:30pm & Wednesday Meditation Circle at 6pm both with Tamara each week. Yes, we are holding both next week even though Thursday Nov 22 is Thanksgiving!

Nourish your Heart & Soul Retreat workshop with Joanna on November 25 from 4-6pm to prepare you for the busy month of December.  At the Heart & Soul Retreat, we will slow down and release the things that stress, worry and deplete you. We’ll leave them behind at the door, and then we will replace them with those things that nourish, uplift and bring you joy.   Joanna is also offering private TLC sessions to Nourish your Heart & Soul so you can slow down, relax deeply, release stress and anxiety, open your heart, & reconnect with joy and lightness. 


Peg is going to be holding a Archangel Meditation circle on November 26 at 6 30 . The archangel we will be working with is Archangel Raphael, who is the angel of healing. Contact Peg for details!



Christ Force Healings and Miracle Readings with Jill Alexander in November and December. Read more about these high vibrational healings on Jill’s website here. ***Please note that name of the healing denotes a vibration of energy, not a religious affiliation or dogma.


Gifts of Gratitude from Maria Barresi.  She says: As we are about to enter the week of Thanksgiving, the spirit of gratitude has inspired me to create 2 healing specials for the holiday season to share with you all.  Read about them on her newsletter here.


And don’t forget to find out what Linda is offering for the holidays – she always has a special going on. Keep up with her on her website here.



And from around town, you can still pick up fresh items from the Beverly Farmer’s Market through December.  The indoor Farmer’s Market is being held at Cove Community Center on Wednesday afternoons from 3-7pm.

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