Nourish your Heart & Soul mini-Retreat

November 25, 2012  4-6pm

Join Joanna Scaparotti and a few others for a two hour retreat to nourish your heart & soul and prepare yourself for the busy month of December.

At the Heart & Soul Retreat, we will slow down and release the things that stress, worry and deplete you. We’ll leave them behind at the door, and then we will replace them with those things that nourish, uplift and bring you joy. We’ll do a few creative activities to open your heart to joy and cultivate deep, lasting relaxation through guided meditation and Reiki. Light refreshments will also be provided.

You will leave with a gift bag* of goodies to help you continue to nourish your heart & soul at home and plenty of ideas for daily and weekly practices to keep you centered and nourished during the holiday season.

Cost: $75. Space is limited, so register now to claim your spot in the retreat.

*Gift bag includes items such as reference guide on daily & weekly practices to do at home to nourish your heart & soul, bath salts, recorded relaxation meditation, rose quartz or ruby crystal for your heart, candle for meditation, etc…

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