Practicing extreme self-care

Sometimes things don’t turn out as planned. I had intended on another intense week at work, pushing to get a lot done and organized before I took the long Labor Day weekend off to rest and relax.

My body had another plan.

It seems I caught another summer virus going around that has left me stuck on the couch for most of the past 4 days. Despite my intention and desire, my body has put a halt to any kind of hard work.

Instead, it seems my long holiday weekend has turned into a long resting week where I am only doing a little bit of work and homework, and the rest of my day is made up of resting on my couch.

The virus I caught in July left me with a two week long headache. I am hopeful that by practicing extreme self-care right now and really honoring what my body is telling me, that I won’t have an extended headache this time.

Extreme self-care is something I’ve learned through experimentation over the past decade.  I used to feel so guilty when I got sick and had to slow down, so I would end up extending my illness because I didn’t rest. Now I know that illness is my body’s wisdom guiding me to do what’s best for my overall health and well-being by resting when it tells me to rest.

I have also learned that extreme self-care is something you can put into practice on a daily and weekly basis to make sure that you are resting and nourishing your mind, body and spirit regularly to prevent illness due to exhaustion, burnout or over exertion.

Do you practice extreme self-care or do you feel guilty and deny yourself the gift of slowing down?

The fantastic practitioners at The Healing Center are offering a lovely way for you to practice extreme self-care with an Autumn Mind-Body-Spirit Retreat. If you need some R&R, I suggest you check it out.

And now, it’s time for me to get back on the couch.  Hope you have some time out to rest and relax during the Labor Day holiday. I think that’s exact what this holiday is for – to take a break from all your hard work!

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