Chakra Healing, Reiki Karaoke & more this week!

Here’s what’s happening at The Healing Center this week:

Our weekly Reiki Share on Monday from 6:30-8pm is open to all Reiki students and practitioners from any Reiki path.

Join Tamara and other meditators at our weekly Meditation Circle from 6-7pm on Weds evening. Each week Tamara explores a new meditation topic or technique. Beginners & experienced meditators welcome.

On Thursday at 7pm is Nadia’s Chakra Healing workshop. She poses the question: “What if there is nothing wrong with what you are feeling?” Join Nadia and learn how to become more at ease with your feelings! Find out more here.

On the blog & our Facebook page:

Autumn Retreat Details & Welcome Jill

Gokai Reiki Karaoke song shared by Linda

Soulful Spirit August Newsletter from Maria

August Budding News from Iris

And folks, we are looking for new team members. Find out more at Join Our Team

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