A little celebration

I have a celebration I want to share with you, but first I want to tell you a little bit about what celebrations and challenges mean to me.

Years ago, a friend of mine pulled together some very smart, talented and compassionate ladies together to form a monthly mastermind / support group. Each month we would get together over dinner or at someone’s house and discuss what was going on in our lives framed in the context of celebrations and challenges. This group was the cornerstone that got me through my divorce, and though we don’t meet regularly anymore due to lives changing course we are all still very dear to each other.

The group was a forum for us to focus on the positive, reflect on what we’d achieved and celebrate all the wonderful things happening in our lives with unconditional cheering each other on. Especially when you have your own business or are going through a divorce, supporters like this are so very important. There are plenty of people who will tell you about all that could go wrong, so whenever you find someone who wants to cheer you on and believes in you – keep that person around!

At Spark and Hustle last week, Tory talked about a speaker at one of the other events who insisted that all women need an “esteem team” who would serve this vital role of cheering you on, believing in you and standing by you no matter what. (Check out a collection of my tweets about all I learned at Spark & Hustle here.)

Not only did we celebrate successes, we brought the challenges we were dealing with in our personal lives and careers. We served as sounding boards for each other – providing support, of course, but also brainstorming, advice, perspective, insight and strategizing together on how to face whatever challenges we were up against. If two heads are better than one, imagine how powerful a group of 3 or 4 smart, savvy women can be when they come together!

And now to my celebration: after reflecting on what Tory said, I realized I have several wonderful “esteem teams” that keep me going…. Read the rest on my blog here.

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