Move back to your center

When I tell you how I moved back to my center and broke the cycle of stress and illness, you are not going to be too surprised: I scheduled a couple of Reiki sessions for myself, ramped up the self-care by taking long lavender epson salt baths, got back in the habit of making daily green smoothies and tweaked my schedule so I can get to the gym and yoga class 5-6 days a week. After a week of that, I settled down enough to start meditating again. So I also added that back in.

We all know what self-care habits are good for us, but still it is super hard to do them in the middle of crisis, illness or periods of stress. We fall off the wagon, it seems, when we need it most. Despite making a career out of healthy habits – I still struggle with this.

I really believe that life is not about getting it perfect, but about showing up. The way I got back to my center was showing up for my self-care practices, even when they didn’t seem to be working for awhile. When I couldn’t get back to center on my own, I called a dear Reiki colleague and asked for help.

I am so glad I did! She helped me clear away a layer of stress so that my self-care practices could be effective again. I also intend to keep scheduling sessions for myself to receive the R&R I need.

I am going into August much more grounded and centered than I have been since I started this MBA program. A little of this change is accepting that I have to learn how to live with a certain degree of uncertainty and pressure as I go through these intensive six week graduate classes. The rest is a new commitment to showing up for all my self-care practices which need to be more frequent and consistent then in recent years to accommodate the stress of graduate school.

This recent journey of mine reminded me of the 7 day business bootcamp I put together last summer for heart-centered entrepreneurs to attract clients and grow their businesses. Day one is centering yourself, and I’m resharing the article from last summer here.

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